1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

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1992 Chicago Bulls (67-15) 7 12.96%
1996 Chicago Bulls (72-10) 47 87.04%
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

Originally Posted by michaeljordanjr
The reason why 1996 bigs win is the jump shooting. Wennington/Longely/Simpkins/Kukoc/Bison Dele/Caffey all could shoot when Jordan got double teamed and had to pass out. That's the difference maker. You had a high FG% when you're best guy couldn't shoot.
He was also willing to pass to those guys. In '92 he wouldn't have... and for guys like Cartwright, he'd threaten to freeze out Pippen and Grant if they passed to him again when he missed. The '96 bigs definitely win.
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

Interesting match up.

Here is a breakdown of the matchups:

Point Guards – Ron Harper, 1996 Bulls vs John Paxson, 1992 Bulls
Neither of these guys are traditional point guards. They were just fillers for the spot because Scottie Pippen was the actual point guard for these teams. These guys brought something different to the table. Paxson brought outside shooting. Harper brought defense. Harper was a better scorer than Paxson. And the chasm between Paxson’s defense and Harper’s defense is greater than Harper’s shooting and Paxson’s shooting. Edge: 1996 Bulls

Shooting Guards – Michael Jordan, 1996 Bulls vs Michael Jordan, 1992 Bulls
The main event. Air Jordan vs Superman. The 1996 Jordan was a very crafty veteran and was a better shooter than the 1992 Jordan. That’s only because the 1996 Jordan’s physically abilities had started to decline a bit. So he had to adjust and refine his game with a money jump shot and post game. The 1992 version of Jordan was at his peak. Even though he wasn’t the refined shooter as his 1996 counter-part, he was still a better scorer and better defender. Jordan of 1992 could physically just do more than the 1996 Jordan. And even though 1996 Jordan was a better shooter, the 1992 Jordan wasn’t that bad. Ask Portland in the 1992 NBA Finals. Edge: 1992 Bulls

Small Forwards – Scottie Pippen, 1996 Bulls vs Scottie Pippen, 1992 Bulls
Pippen was the point guard(or point forward) of the offense. Just as with the battle of Jordan’s, the younger Pippen was more athletic than the older Pippen. However, the mentality of the 1996 Pippen was far more advanced than the 1992 version. Even though he overcame the physical play of the Pistons in 1991, the 1992 Pippen still had lapses of getting off of his game when he was opposed by a physical player. As evident of the 1992 playoff series against the Knicks. The 1996 Pippen was much more mature and he handled physical play better than his younger self. With his guiding the Bulls during Jordan’s 1.5 years absence, 1996 Pippen was more confident in his game and as his role as a team leader along side Jordan. Edge: 1996 Bulls

Power Forwards – Dennis Rodman, 1996 Bulls vs Horace Grant, 1992 Bulls
Both guys bring toughness and intensity to a team that needed it at key moments in their championship runs. Both guys bring rebounding and defense. Even though Rodman brings you much more in rebounding. Horace gives you more scoring BUT it doesn’t cancel out what Rodman can bring you on the offensive side. Even though Rodman doesn’t score, he was very important to the flow of the offensive game with his passing. Rodman at the power forward spot was one of the best passers in the history of the game. He knew his role and limitations on offense and was comfortable with it. Horace on the other hand at times frustrated himself because the Bulls didn’t call enough plays for him. Which lead to his exit in 1994 to the Magic. Rodman’s defense has more of an impact on the game than Horace’s offense. Edge: 1996 Bulls

Center – Luc Longley, 1996 Bulls vs Bill Cartwirght, 1992 Bulls
As with the rest of the role players on the team, Longley and Cartwright bring their own contributions. Longley made a nice niche in sticking those 15 foot jumpshots. And even though he wasn’t a great defensive player he knew how to use his size to clog the middle. Cartwright was not as big as Longley but he was definitely more skilled than Longley. Cartwright had a better game in the post and was a better and more crafty defender than Longley. Edge: 1992 Bulls

Bench – Toni Kukoc;Steve Kerr;Bill Wennington;Jud Buechler;Randy Brown, 1996 Bulls vs BJ Armstrong;Scott Williams;Cliff Levingston;Will Purdue;Stacey King;Craig Hodges, 1992 Bulls
Both benches have a lot of versatility. Shooting, defense, rebounding. And even though the 1992 bench brings more role players, and probably better role players, they don’t have a guy like Kukoc off their bench. Kukoc was a mismatch nightmare for opposing teams. A 6’11” power forward that had the shooting, handles and passing of a guard. Kukoc would have started on most teams during that time. For that, I’d take the 1996 bench just because of him. Edge: 1996 Bulls

Coach – Phil Jackson, 1996 Bulls vs Phil Jackson, 1992 Bulls
Many believe that the Rodman vs Grant or the Longley vs Cartwright matchup were washes. However, I think this was the real wash. Phil to me was about the same in 1992 than he was in 1996. One thing about Phil is that he adjusted to the times in 1996. He plugged in Harper, who his entire career was a shooting guard, into the point guard slot. He did this because he knew that Orlando at the time had two guards over 6’6” in Nick Anderson and Penny Hardaway. But other than that, Phil wasn’t that much different between the two. Edge: Even

The 1992 Bulls were athletic, fast and better defensively. The 1996 Bulls were better shooters, crafty and smart. The 1996 team was collectively a better unit psychologically. They faced many teams during that time that were better physically and they always came out on top. The match up against the 1992 Bulls would probably be no different. The 1996 Bulls would probably have Jordan and Pippen switch guys. Pippen, who is the best defender in this series, would probably tangle with 1992 Jordan, the best player in this series. And 1996 Jordan would guard the 1992 Pippen. The 1996 Pippen won’t be able to stop 1992 Jordan but he could slow him enough to get the series win. But I can see the 1996 Jordan just frustrate the 1992 Pippen to no end. You take 1992 Pippen out of the equation and you got a good shot at beating the 1992 squad. Prediction: 1996 Bulls win 4-2
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

A valid point to bring up.

1992 team played during a more difficult period in Basketball IMO.
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

Originally Posted by michaeljordanjr
I'd have to go with 1996. You had:

1. Greatest go-to move, the fadeaway, unstoppable and scored 90% of the time.

2. Greatest rebounder, Dennis Rodman

3. Greatest pure shooter, Steve Kerr, he barely missed, as a kid I was in awe.

4. Greatest 6th man, Kukoc. A 3 point marksman(remember the LA game?) He was also 7 feet tall and was super agile, could pass, rebound and drive.

5. Greatest small forward/defensive player, Scottie Pippen. This man could do everything well, a modern Lebron James.

6. Greatest Coach who introduced Zen philosophy to Basketball that year.

That about does it for "Greatest"

So ya, 1996 Chicago Bulls, greatest sports team in history. No one will ever match it, and I'm still in a daze after all those years of dominance. You cant truly comprehend it unless you go into Chicago after a Bull championship and hear the City explode in sound with everyone honking their horns and people with signs on the sides of the streets.
This. I was young back then, but Kukoc was the man off the bench. He is one of my favorite players of all time.
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

The only time I ever saw MJ play in person was in Cleveland in the 95-96 season. They won 72 games that year. The game I went to they lost. Unreal.

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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

Originally Posted by Scott812313
The only time I ever saw MJ play in person was in Cleveland in the 96-97 season. They won 72 games that year. The game I went to they lost. Unreal.
They won 72 games in the 1995-96 season.
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

EASY... 96 bulls... The only team I saw in my life that played every game like a playoff game... ALL 82 of them.
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Re: 1992 Chicago Bulls vs 1996 Chicago Bulls

I actually like the argument someone made back on the 2nd page about the 1992 Bulls playing in a tougher league.
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