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2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

The NBA season is upon us, lets get our predictions on paper.

  • Most Valuable Player:
  • Rookie of the Year:
  • Defensive Player of the Year:
  • Sixth Man of the Year:
  • Most Improved Player:
  • Coach of the Year:

  1. _
  2. _
  3. _
  4. _
  5. _
  6. _
  7. _
  8. _
  1. _
  2. _
  3. _
  4. _
  5. _
  6. _
  7. _
  8. _
East Champion:
West Champion:

NBA Champion:
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

Most Valuable Player: Lebron James
Rookie of the Year: Kevin Knox
Defensive Player of the Year: Anthony Davis
Sixth Man of the Year: Lou Williams
Most Improved Player: Brandon Ingram
Coach of the Year: Billy Donovan

1. Boston
2. Philadelphia
3. Indiana
4. Milwaukee
5. Toronto
6. Miami
7. Washington
8. Charlotte

1. Oklahoma City Thunder
2. Golden St. Warriors
3. Los Angeles Lakers
4. Utah Jazz
5. Houston Rockets
6. Portland Trailblazers
7. Denver Nuggets
8. Dallas Mavericks

East Champion: Boston Celtics
West Champion: Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Champion:
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

Most Valuable Player: Durant
Rookie of the Year: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Defensive Player of the Year: Kawhi
Sixth Man of the Year: Lou
Most Improved Player: Tatum
Coach of the Year: Brett Brown


8. Lakers

East Champion: Celtics
West Champion: Warriors

NBA Champion: Warriors
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

  • Most Valuable Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Rookie of the Year: Luka Doncic
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Kawhi Leonard
  • Sixth Man of the Year: Lou Williams
  • Most Improved Player: Brandon Ingram
  • Coach of the Year: Mike Budenholzer

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Toronto Raptors
  3. Philadelphia 76ers
  4. Milwaukee Bucks
  5. Indiana Pacers
  6. Washington Wizards
  7. Miami Heat
  8. Charlotte Hornets
  1. Golden State Warriors
  2. Houston Rockets
  3. Utah Jazz
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder
  5. Portland Trail Blazers
  6. Denver Nuggets
  7. New Orleans Pelicans
  8. Minnesota Timberwolves
East Champion: Boston Celtics
West Champion: Golden State Warriors

NBA Champion: Golden State Warriors

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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

  • Most Valuable Player: Giannis
  • Rookie of the Year: Ayton
  • Defensive Player of the Year: Embiid
  • Sixth Man of the Year: Kuzma, Rozier
  • Most Improved Player: Fultz
  • Coach of the Year: Pop

Prediction I have is I believe Ben Simmons is going to have a big MVP-like season. Not good enough to win it, but get some votes, and likely not good enough for MIP because of the year he had last year, but I think he's going to have a freakishly good year.

I also think Boston finishes as the best team in the league, but won't win the championship. Tatum starts to show flashes as their best offensive weapon moving forward. Kyrie gets unwarranted MVP consideration much like last season.
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

MVP: I think it will be Lebron, because I think the Lakers are going to be a lot better than all the so called experts think they will be. While the Lakers are young, they still have more talent than that Cavs team he got to the finals last yr.

Coach of yr: Brad Stevens
ROY: toss up, but Ayton, possibly Kevin Knox
6th man: Sabonis

Celtics, I believe will have the best record in the NBA, and I believe are the best team, not named Warriors.

EC playoff teams
1- Celtics
2- Raptors
3- Sixers
4- Pacers I could see Sixers and Pacers swap positions
5- Bucks
6- Heat

7- Wizards

8- Bulls

6-8, are toss ups, and I could see Detroit steal one of these 3 spots, from any of those last 3 teams. I think Casey is a lot better coach than most give him credit for. It wasnt his fault that his 2 biggest star players in Derozan, and Lowery, seem to choke once playoffs start. But he goes from them to Blake Griffin, who is seemingly always hurt, when the games count the most,lol.

Detroit likely beats out the Bulls for the final spot, but I will stick with them just missing out.
Also I could see the Wizards slip up and miss out on the playoffs. Wall and Howard together, could make for some interesting fireworks

Western Conference:

1: Warriors
2: Houston
3: Utah
4: OKC
5: Lakers
6: Portland
7: Denver
8: Spurs

The brutal WC is hard to predict, as I have the Pelicans, just missing out, but I think they could take any of the 5-8 teams place in the WC playoffs.

I put Houston 2nd, but I think they could slide in anywhere between 1-5 seeds. They lost their defensive coach, because he retired, and it was because of mainly him, and Morey D'antoni proofing the team last yr with players who would play D regardless of Dantoni not putting much value on D. They still have Tucker, and Morey, could add possibly some defensive players, before trade deadline, and I think he likely will.
However you lose the defensive 1st players that they did, and the assistant coach who got the team to play D, and then you add Melo on top of that, thats not a good recipe for success. Especially when you already have Harden, who plays very little defense. Last yr Harden actually put some effort out to play D, but with Jeff Bzdelik their demanding it, along with players like Ariza, and Moute, I look for the D to slide back to being 1 of the worst in the NBA.
Plus you can count on CP3 being injured at some point, likely when they will need him the most. But if he can manage to stay healthy, and he is like having a coach on the floor, maybe he is able to keep Harden interested on the defensive end, and get his buddy Melo to actually play D. Only time will tell on that.

Should be a interesting season, being a Pacers and East Conference guy, Im glad it will be someone else besides a Lebron led team to make it to the finals finally,lol.

I think the Celtics come out of the EC, unless they are decimated by injuries, but if it wasnt for Lebron, they would have made it last yr, despite not having Heyward all season and not having Kyrie at all in the playoffs. So Brad Stevens has proven, he can get the most out of whatever talent he has.

Its all but a given, that the Celtics vs Warriors will be in the NBA finals. I will be shocked, if either of these 2 teams dont make it. I also think the Warriors win their 3rd straight, and 4 out of 5. However I think it will go 7, and Celtics will give them all they want and then some. I also woulnt be surprised to see the Celtics beat them.

Because the Celtics have the ability to get physical with the Warriors and with Curry. The way to put a scare in them or beat them is to get physical with them, especially in regards to Curry.
Teams try to load up offensively to beat the Warriors, yet when the Cavs beat the Warriors, in the finals that 1 yr, it was because they played extremely physical with the Warriors, and it didnt help the Warriors cause, that Draymon got suspended for a game either, but the Cavs ruffed up Curry, and that IMO was the biggest factor.
It was also the Rockets last yr, who put a scare in the Warriors, and it wasnt do to their offense as much as it was they actually got physical and took it too the Warriors.

Ive been saying for a few yrs now, you aint going to beat the Warriors, by trying to load up on offense and try to run and out gun them. Because no team can match the shooting of Curry, Klay, and Durant. These are 3 of the best shooters to ever play, and Curry and Clay are arguable the 2 best shooters ever in the history of the game, and Durant is right there with them. So you got no way to match those 3 players shot for shot.

I know the league is a much softer league now days, due to rule changes and players just not having that toughness mean streak bred into them, but the farther you get in the playoffs, the more physical the refs let you play, so teams need to take advantage of that. IMO to beat the Warriors, you need to slow the game down, make sure you rebound and dont give up 2nd chances to them.
It will also take a deep bench, with guys who will play hard and get dirty. I dont mean dirty as in cheap shots trying to hurt anyone, I just mean, get physical and when you foul, foul hard, I be borderline dirty,lol. Take a page out of the bad boy Pistons, Jordan rules, except expand it from inside the paint to beyond the 3pt line and if your going to foul, make them feel it.

Not saying even then that will be enough to beat the Warriors in a 7 game series, if the Warriors are healthy, but IMO it gives you the best shot at beating them in a 7 game series.

With my Reds sucking once again this season, Im burnt out on baseball, and ready for some basketball. Plus knowing that last season the Pacers were just a few bad calls away from knocking off Lebron in the 1st rd, make me really excited for this season, because I think we got better and have a much deeper bench. The Pacers have the talent to go both big and play small ball, depending the matchups on a given night. However Olidipo has to stay healthy, he plays with a reckless abandon that D Wade played with and it cut his prime yrs a being at the top of his game short, before injuries started racking up. Only difference is Vic has a 3pt shot, where Wade never made that a big part of his game. So Vic needs to pick and choose when to attack and take the pounding that comes with it.

I know Turner did show much in the 4 pre-season games, and some fans were disappointed in his pre-season performance, but I think he will take the next step this yr, and have more impact on offense, both in the post, and on the perimeter. The 1-2 punch of Turner and Sabonis, could be something special. I dont think they will be able to play consistently together, because Sabonis I dont think can guard quicker PF's, and Turner, do to his shot blocking ability need to stay near the basket. But against a team like Philly, I think they could play together, because you dont have to guard Ben Simmons away from the basket, since he cant shoot. So it will depend on matchups, but when the matchup calls for it, I do hope Nate will play them together.
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

Most Valuable Player: Kyrie (homer pick but dude deserves respect.)
Rookie of the Year: Doncic
Defensive Player of the Year: AD
Sixth Man of the Year: Scary Terry
Most Improved Player: (I dunno this is a tough one) Fultz i guess
Coach of the Year: Budenholzer

2. Raptors
3. Sixers
4. MIL
5. Pacers
6. Wizards
7. Heat
8. Charlotte


1. GSW
2. Utah
3. Houston
4. OKC
5. NOP
6. LAL
7. POR
8. DEN

East Champion: Celtics
West Champion: GSW

NBA Champion: GSW over BOS in 7
Wolverines Packers Cubs Celtics
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Re: 2018-2019 NBA Predictions Thread.

Most Valuable Player: LeBron James
Rookie of the Year: DeAndre Ayton
Defensive Player of the Year: Anthony Davis
Sixth Man of the Year: Terry Rozier
Most Improved Player: Terry Rozier
Coach of the Year: Toronto's coach

East Champion: Boston
West Champion: GS

NBA Champion: GS
Cincinnati Bengals
LeBron James
Phoenix Suns
Ohio State Buckeyes
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