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Re: 11/13 - 11/19 Games Discussion Thread

I have no concrete evidence to support my claim, it's just a theory, but it wouldn't surprise me at all if Tatum started buying into his own hype after his playoff run without Kyrie. Especially if what jeremym480 said about the no eye contact w/ Kyrie is true. Can you have two guys with the "Mamba mentality" on the same team and succeed?
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Re: 11/13 - 11/19 Games Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by georgiafan
Young played really well tonight he is still very rough around the edges but you can’t argue with 25 and 17. The return of Collins is going to be big as he the best player on the team.
Collins’ return will definitely help out Young, especially during the nights he’s in one of his shooting slumps.
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Re: 11/13 - 11/19 Games Discussion Thread

Yes because the Lakers won 3 in a row with Shaq and Kobe lol.

Everything is getting overblown with the Celtics right now. They managed to avoid the teething problems last season by way of a freak injury to Hayward, which has only made it harder this year. They’re just going through what any team goes through when they add multiple new pieces to a team. They’re still going to finish the regular season top or near the top of the conference.

Tatum should believe in his hype. He’s brilliant and he’s still so young. Brown’s struggles aren’t perfect but they’re not the major issue. Hayward can’t hit to save his life, Baynes is too convinced he’s a stretch man now and is shooting below 40%. From the field as a whole. As a center. Horford isn’t getting enough shots and so his impact is significantly lessened.

Stevens will figure it out regardless, he’s not a stupid coach.

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Re: 11/13 - 11/19 Games Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by jeremym480
I missed most of the last two games so I'm not sure what really happened the last two games. However, from watching before that I think it's the rotation. Some players aren't getting the minutes that they're used to (or at least probably expected at this point in their careers) so they're trying to do more in the minutes they do have and it's leading to some bad decisions.

I also can't tell if anyone on this team is having fun or even likes each other. From what I've seen Tatum never makes eye contact with Kyrie, even when Kyrie goes up to him and gives him props for making a good play. It's weird... but like I said I've missed the last two games so maybe I'm wrong.
Yeah I really can't pinpoint on why they're struggling. I don't buy Jaylen's struggling because Hayward is back in the mix because Jaylen's usage and shots aren't down by a huge amount. The offense is functionally fine because they create more open shots than anyone in the league.

I haven't really noticed that. I will say it's generally not fun when you are losing. I think him and Kyrie have a great relationship so that would be odd to me. Maybe I'm not seeing it.

Tatum does seem to be finding it in his last 6 games 18/6 on 50/45 so hopefully a breakthrough is close for the rest of the team.
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Re: 11/13 - 11/19 Games Discussion Thread

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