Who is the coach of the year so far?

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Sean Payton 51 50.00%
Eric Mangini 29 28.43%
Andy Reid 5 4.90%
Jeff Fisher 14 13.73%
Other (Post) 3 2.94%
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

Hell Payton's new so the entire team had to learn new schemes just like with the Jets.

Considering no one expected Bush, Colston, Henderson or Brees to be playing like they have, the Saints are only said to have more talent b/c the players have exceeded under him.
Bingo. Not to mention looking like a genius with all the trading and moves that Payton has made. Getting Jeff Faine (who has been playing at a Pro Bowl level) and Hollis Thomas through draft day trades? Brilliant. Trading Donte Stallworth for Mark Simoneau/3rd rounder? Yeah, lots of "experts" thought we were dumb and such.. well.. brilliant. Payton has done a fantastic job of coaching our players up to their level of play and is one of the best at game planning and playcalling in the league.
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

I really hate these awards, but what about Schottenheimer? Did anyone really see SD as the best team in the league with Rivers at QB?
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

Originally Posted by favre4vr
Mangini... I can see Payton, but he does have alot more talent on his roster. The Jets have zero running game, a young line, a defense that had to learn a new scheme and was, at times, soft against the run, and a team that statistically looks like they should be in last place and still has them on the cusp of 10 wins and a playoff berth. That's a coaching job.
I look at it as, Payton WAS the reason for the roster turnover, and it's remarkable how a team so poor a year ago can be mentioned in the same breath as the Super Bowl.
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

Originally Posted by wwharton
Not necessarily... that's a weak schedule.
True but the schedule was announced before the season and looked weak then, and people still had them down for 6 or less wins.
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

Don't get me wrong, like everyone else, I never expected Pennington to bounce back so quickly. I was actually expecting a surprisingly decent performance from Ramsey this year. The D is legitimately better than expected also.

But just look at their victories. Besides the Pats game, I don't see any teams they weren't favorite over. I think the difference with the preseason schedule is no one expected the NFC to be as weak as it has been this year. Also teams like PIT and MIA were expected to be stronger. Still a great season for Mangini and the Jets. I just think Payton deserves the award more.
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

My order would go:

1. Payton
2. Mangini
3. Fisher
4. Schottenheimer
5. Billick
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UGH, next year
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

The Jets have won me over. They were right in the Bears and Colts games, probably should've beat the Colts. The only game they really got killed in was the Jacksonville game. They beat NE on the road, played Chicago and Indianapolis to the wire at home. I really think Mangini has done an excellent job.
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Re: Who is the coach of the year so far?

Peyton deserves the COY more than Mangini. This is a Coach who overhauled over half of the Saint's roster. At the beginning if the year, everyone believed the Saints would be in the bottom 5 on defense.. and look where good coaching got them... currently 11th ranked in total defense.

Everyone also said the Saints would have a very bad offensive line... due to Jammal Brown moving to LT, with 2 new starter in C Jeff Faine and RT Johnathan Stinchcomb(who never started or even played a game in the NFL), and a Rookie at RG in Jahri Evan.

How about McAllister coming off a serious knee surgery along with Brees and his shoulder.

So The rookie Colston is is having a great year... so isn't Payton and his staff responsible for developing the guy? I mean he was said to have looked pretty bad when he came in to camp.

Sure now it's easy for some of you to say the Saint's have more talent but didn't payton play a big part in bringing those players and developing them? Last time I checked teaching is apart of coaching. and shouldn't that be considered when talking about talent especially when we're talking about all these guy who were nobody's before the season.

Let's get back on defense... Let's start with the LBing core... Shanle, Simoneau, and Fujita. These guys were castoffs from their respective teams. They have never played a game together before until Game 1 of the season. The Saint's were suppose to have one of the worst if not the worst run defense in the NFL but due to good coaching.. they are playing very solidly.

Then were is the Dbs. They are also doing well aren't they? They were suppose to be pretty bad also... Mike Mckenzie was not considered a top 10 CB before the season started but yet... he's playing like a top 5 CB this year shutting down his side of the field all year long. And we are nowhere near as talented on defense as the jets... Agian, this was due to good coaching by payton and his staff.

There's no doubt Mangini is doing a great job but What Payton did with the saints is nothing short of amazing. In the middle of the year everyone was still calling the Saint's Fluke and said they would fall off at the end of the season.

Let's look at the Saint's big wins:

Atl: when they were 2-0... if they didn't lose to the Saint's twice... they'd be 9-6 right now...
Philly: When they were 4-1 and Mcnabb was having a MVP type of season.
Dallas: Alot of People/Media thought we could not beat them. They were simply hot.
Giants: They were fighting for the playoff and playoff position. It was their must win game.

The Saints have won every big division game this year and won impressively... with a 9-2 record in the NFC.

The jets have not won in big games expect for the NE game this year.

That's jmho.
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