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Need some help.

I'm turning 18 Saturday so i'm obviously thinking about college and a career and that sort of thing. I'm not really sure what I need to do though so I thought I would come here and ask you guys and see if all of you could help. My goal is to be an ESPN analyist sort of kind of like what Sean Salisbury does, I dont really care what sport wether it be CFB, NFL or MLB I just came to the NFL forums because I know what Sean does. I see him on Sportscenter all the time answering questions about the past week and upcoming week and so forth and the playoffs. Thats what I want to do with my career is answer questions about a sport and break down games for Sportscenter or what ever show it may be. Does anyone know what kind of degree I would need and all that stuff to do that?
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Re: Need some help.

Well you'd have to have some analyst/broadcasting skills. I'm friends with a guy that does sports reporting work on one of the local tv stations. He was always a sports junky, like one of his brothers, whom I've know about 20 years now. Anyway, he went to Syracuse and studied up there. I know it's a great school to learn the craft. I think a bunch of ESPN guys went there as well. Salisbury played in the NFL. Lot of those guys work their connections when their done to get work like he's doing.

Anyway, take a look at Syracuse. I don't know what the specific degree is that all of these guys received from up there though.
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Re: Need some help.

Sean Salisbury was an NFL and college qb. You can try, your best bet is to go local first and work your way through internships. I'd suggest seeking out colleges with a good journalism / broadcasting degree. Trying to attain ESPN status is usually a pipe dream.
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Re: Need some help.

You would definitely have to start out at local news stations, covering the sports or reporting first. If you watch ESPN and Sportscenter now, a majority of the analysts are former players no matter what sport it is. It would be very tough to get an analyst job on ESPN if you weren't a player in the sport.
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Re: Need some help.

my friend had been doing this for years locally, and couldn't get ESPN to give him the time of day. It'll be pretty hard to get to espn without connections...

or unless they do another sportscaster search show.
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Re: Need some help.

I would START with the internet. Maybe just a blog if you're not too technical but I would definitely do some writing on the world wide web. This isn't a substitute for anything anyone else has said. You'll have to go through the process, but the internet is a free way you can get people reading what you have to say now, checking out your style, evaluating your "talent" and helping you get better.
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