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F1 2020 Impressions

I just played three rounds of multiplayer against random guys (only five laps a piece). It was pretty clean and I didnít run into anyone crashing into people on purpose. I havenít played F1 since the 2018 version but I thought the braking was much more responsive (as I could stop faster) than in the 2018 version. The default camera view is amazing as it really captures the speed. (I do have to figure out how to get the rear view mirror up though as I heard that was an option).

The first race I did was Austria in the rain (the computer picked I guess) on the default camera and I was struggling to find my braking line but with the water spraying everywhere it was awesome.

The second race was in Texas and I proceeded to jump the start and get a drive through penalty but I ended up in a good competition for third place but forgot I was in rich fuel so ran out in the final two turns.

The final race I did was in Bahrain and finished second out of six racers. Everyone has an equal car which is awesome too.

The ERS button is nice as it is the LB button on the XBox and easy to switch it on and off.

Those are my quick thoughts..

Anyways I am off to bed, hopefully that helps

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Re: F1 Impressions

Figure I'll post my impressions as well. Full disclosure, I've only ever played F1 2019 for the PS4 prior to this game. I race on a Logitech G29 wheel with manual gearbox, medium traction control, and ABS on.

Right away you'll notice the cars feel like they have greater downforce than they did in 2019. In sector 1 of Spain in particular, you can carry much more speed. They also reworked several tracks, one of them being Spain (that awful chicane to close the lap is much better spaced). Currently, ranked lobbies are packed and I have had no trouble in finding races.

The ERS Button is a game changer. Really brings out a bit of cat and mouse when trying to defend and overtake. The engine sounds are much better this year, specifically downshifting audio. Each engine has a distinct sound and to the trained ear, you will recognize a Renault from a Honda immediately.

As for the new tracks (Netherlands and Vietnam), I am a fan of the speedy Netherlands. Feels very fast and so far, has yielded some of my more favorite races. Vietnam is not my style but it's nice having more options for tracks.

I have yet to mess with career mode or the my-team mode. If you are into F1 and liked 2019, you will be right at home with 2020. The handling model is much improved and additions like a customizable UI (with rear view mirror option) have me more than satisfied with this year's offering. Oh, and curbs don't suck as much this year.
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