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Snow Storm

Hello fellow Rags 2 Riches members

This past weekend I took my family back to my home town for a day to spend Christmas with my parents and grandparents. As some of you may know Iowa got nailed with a snow storm, we received over five inches of snow. Too those who do no get snow...that is a lot. After the snow the winds increased to 20-30 mph behind the storm and caused blowing snow. Travel was near impossible. I made a decision to not risk my family's life's in order to play a video game. I am sorry for any of you that this decision inconvenienced. I was in communication with the commish letting him know what was going on. If any of you ever want to be updated as to my status in situations like this please post your phone number and I will send out a text to you so that you don't have to post embarrassing and unnessasary posts in a forum. Please note I am always getting my games in on time and if I don't for any reason I always communicate with the commish as to what is going on. Thank you for you patience in my family's safety and good luck to all though the remainder of the season, and Merry Christmas. - Ground(FAU)
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Re: Snow Storm

Glad you are ok and made it home safely.

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Re: Snow Storm

It's all good ground and you always do a great job of letting me know what's going on. I need to get better at communicating here when there's a issue that will prevent us from advancing because everyone always let me know I just don't always pass it on and that was the case here.

Happy Holidays man
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Re: Snow Storm

I'm glad you and your family made it thru ok. From what I have seen on the news, there have been a number of bad fronts in the last few weeks.
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Re: Snow Storm

Seems this may be about me. So at the risk of embarrassing myself I'll chime in. First and foremost I agree. No game is worth your families life. As a father to 7 and a grand dad to 4 I completely understand. Not sure anywhere you read I led you to think that. In fact I had no idea. I'm glad you text the commish. My post was about communicating with the OD. Maybe that's on the commish don't know. Leaving us hanging I don't think is cool. I'm certainly glad you and your family are OK though. As for numbers. Pretty sure there's a post with those already. All you had to do was look. Anyway its all over. We got the explanation long before you posted your little rant. Next time just put it out there. I would. Nothing embarrassing or unnessasary when were looking for updates. At least not in my opinion. I certainly don't think anyone posted anything vicious, and considering none of us but the finish knew I think we were within our rights to post something. Anyway Merry Christmas everyone.

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