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League Rules

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sportznut02 07:59 PM 09-26-2016


1.Sim football
2.No switch rule
3.Advance time
4.Dropping back
6.Player positions
7.Stat padding/running the score up
11.No huddle offense
13.Missed Games
14.Super simming games
15. Fourth down
16. Problems with users
17. Playbooks
18. Run Commit
19. Disconnects

1.Sim Football: Play sim football. Don`t get caught cheesing. Only go for it on 4th down when appropriate. Play the game the way the game is played in real life. Users are only allowed to move the player they control on defense pre snap within their normal realm of play. Default defensive shifts are allowed.

2.No Switch rule: There is no switching while the ball is in the air. This means that Offensive players do NOT user catch. And Defensive players can't switch to a different DB to user pick the pass while the pass is in the air. You must play as the player you selected BEFORE the ball was in the air. After it is caught, you can switch all you want.Defenders may switch at anytime on a run play.

3.Advance Time: There will be a72 hour advance rule for this league. The advance time will be a strict rule for this dynasty because too many times dynasty`s fall apart because of they don`t get advanced in a timely fashion. The only time I am going to be lenient on this is during the holidays. If everyone gets their games in before the advance time, I will then advance the dynasty early.

4.Dropping back: Do not ever drop back 15-20 yards to throw a pass.There is a difference between scrambling to avoid a sack and deliberately dropping straight back 20 yards (even out of the Shotgun) and then throwing slant routes, etc.

5.Scheduling: There will be no FCs games. I will try to give everyone an out of conference game against a user from the other conference.

6.Player positions: Keep your players where they play in real life. I don`t want to see any crazy substitutions on your team. It`s okay to make some position changes but just don`t crazy with them. Users are only allowed to move the player they control on defense pre snap within their normal realm of play. Default defensive shifts are allowed.

7.Stat padding/running the score up: Keeping your starters in late in games will not be tolerated. Your first string does not need to be in the game in the 4th quarter when you are up by 28+ points. I will be checking to see if people are doing this. I will issue out a warning to whoever is doing it the first time but the second time you will be removed from the dynasty.

8.Microphones: You don`t have to have a microphone for this league. If you want to use one and the other user has one, then great. I personally don`t like talking while I am playing.

9.Recruiting rules: You can only sign the amount of recruits for the players you have leaving. So NO over signing. During the offseason any players that are projected as 1st or 2nd round CANNOT be convinced to stay. They must be allowed to leave. We will have 2 max athlete rule. No one will have more than 2 athletes per class.

10.Restarts: I know sometimes that they are going to happen for whatever reason weather its a freeze or your power goes out. Just let me know why you had the restart and replay your game. Don`t make restarts a habit or you will be gone from the league. If I see too many restarts without a valid reason, you will be removed from the league.

11.No huddle offense: Use the no huddle as much as you want to as long as it is used the way is done in real life. That means do not call your team to the line after an incomplete pass, or a play that results in loss of yards.

12.Communication: It's recommend that you set up your user games here on OS. Also if someone is not responding, I can see that I need to put them on autopilot so you can play the computer. Everyone should have GroupMe, it makes communicating for games much easier. You can also use PSN to leave messages to whoever you are playing. Although it is not a must, Twitter is a great way to set up games. I know a lot of people on OS have twitter.

13.Missed Games: I know that sometimes people are not able to get their games in because of work, school, vacation, or other reasons. Let me know when you are not going to be able to get your game in so that way the league is not being held up. I know games will be missed and that`s not a big deal. However if your are missing more games than you are playing then you will be removed from the league. If a user misses more than 3 games in a season without having a good reason, they will be removed from the dynasty.

14.Super Simming Games: The simming of games in this league is highly discouraged. I know that sometimes it may happen. If you are short on time or something came up then I understand. However there is no need to super sim a game because you have a big lead in the fourth quarter and you don`t want to play anymore. Just finish your game. Put your backups in and set the tempo in your adjustments to conservative so that you are chewing the clock. More often than not super simming causes crazy scores and unrealistic stats for a sim league.

15.4th Down: When it comes to 4th down attempts, you need to play 4th down like a team would in real life. If you are on your side of the field, there is no reason to be going for it unless you are trailing in the 4th quarter. Now if you are in your opponents territory and you are inside the 40 and you want to go for it, I don`t have a problem with that. If you are down in the 4th quarter of a game then I understand you are going to go for it from wherever on the field.

16. Problems with users: If you have a problem with user please pm them with the problem you have. I don`t want to see people in here calling people out or arguing over something that happened in a game. Also if you can`t get your problem fixed with the user or have a problem with they way they are playing just pm me and I will take care of it.

17.Custom Playbooks are allowed.

18. No run commits.

19. In the event of a disconnect between users in the second half the game will be restarted using the exact time and score remaining. The game will be played through to the point where the original game would have ended. I the event there is a disconnect in the first half the game will be restarted at 0-0. Those who consistently disconnect while losing will be removed from the

20. As of right now I want to keep everyone in the same conference, so you can’t switch jobs. Thanks rule is something that could always change. [Reply]

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The buzz is palpable now!
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Re: League Rules

Bump, for new season.
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Re: League Rules

I'm interested. Rules are great.
What's a SUPPORTERS league?
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Re: League Rules

im interested
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The buzz is palpable now!
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Re: League Rules

Originally Posted by Coltsmith12
im interested
Need 3 more users.
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