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Re: Converted, then RE-Converted

Originally Posted by washamur
Ok, so I bought ESPN the day it came out, and probably logged some serious hours in that first week or so. .. but as rosters changed and games continued to get more and more difficult to run, I found myself not playing as much.

.. then came Madden, of course being the sports gaming nut that I am, I immediately shot up to my local EB and purchased one of the few copies they had that wasn't on "pre-order".

I got home and really started having a good time .. I was enjoying my games, but still having problems running the ball. Granted, I am no where near good, so my sliders would probably make yall laugh, but I just couldn't find the appropriate setting on either game. I also started noticing some serious pet-peeves of mine coming into play with Madden. Nit picky stuff - yes - but enough to really bottleneck my enjoying this game.

I did some searching around, here and other places and found alot of people were saying some of the same things I was thinking ... I started thinking about trading Madden back in, but though .. I'd give it one more chance. SO I played, and played, and played ... but just wasn't enjoying the game like I had hoped. I took the game out and sitting on top of my TV stand was ESPN just looking at me.

So, I threw it back into the Xbox ... did some roster movements to try to stay even with this season, and started up a franchise again. Something has happen to my game ... I CAN RUN THE BALL! Actually I did some reading here and started realizing that I tend to break away from the route ... now I dont. I follow my blockers and they lead the way to open field, or almost open field.

I love this game, the graphics, contols, "replayablity", etc.

Needless to say, my copy of Madden is now on eBay for sale, and I'm keeping ESPN ... now if I could only play it more. Time seems to be narrowed down right now.

Just sharing my story, sorry for the long read ... the information here @ OS is amazing .. you guys are the best!
Its odd. I'd be worried in either game if I was good at running right out of the gate. But it seems so many people say "I can't run well" or "I can't pass well" after less than several hours of play.

Come on folks, we all say we don't want last years game and want better AI, but when we aren't "masters" out of the gate, we speak of taking things back or selling them on Ebay?
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