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Re: I hate to bring this up but QB Spy

"The blue line in the training video is pointing to the runngback, And the one that is pointing towards the qb is a blitz line.

Flamehead from OS wrote:

Ok guys, it DOES work. Want to see for yourself? Do this (this is what I did and you can see the spy at work):

1) Go into Practice Mode, Full Scrimmage
2) Select Bengals at Falcons with AI playcalling off for both offense and defense
3) Choose the Bengals who should be on Defense
4) For the Bengals defensive play, choose Base, Cover 3, with the MLB playing zone to the right of the field.
5) For the Falcons offensive play, choose Weak I Spread, RO Y Cross. Make sure it shows Vick rolling to the left of the field.

Now, here is where you will see the differences if you look at these three scenrios:
Scenario 1: Don't do anything. Just watch the play develop, specifically watching the MLB. You will notice that he drops back and to the right in his zone, picking up the slot receiver, PAST THE YELLOW 1ST DOWN MARKER (this is key). Now,
Scenerio 2: With the same play, adjust the MLB to spy the QB and watch what happens. This time, he still drops back a bit with the slot receiver in his zone, but as Vick rolls out to the left, the MLB starts moving over to the left with him and lets the slot receiver past him. This time HE DOESN'T DRIFT BACK PAST THE YELLOW FIRST DOWN MARKER like he did last time--he instead stays up some and subtly starts drifting over to the left following Vick. It's subtle, but it's a very noticable difference between that and what he just did in scenerio 1.

It's important to remember that a) you won't see a change in the assignment when you hit the white responsibility button, and b)when you hit the right trigger to designate a QB spy YOU WILL BRIEFLY SEE THE ICONS FOR THE DB ASSIGNMENTS--that's ok, it is normal and doesn't change the fact that you called a QB spy. Want proof? Do this:
Scenrio 3: With the same plays as above, designate the MLB to (instead of spying the QB) double the "L" receiver by hitting the left trigger. As with scenario 2 above, you will see the DB icons come up when you hit the left trigger--again, that's ok and doesn't mean anything. Now, as the play develops, the MLB will drop back into his zone, but he won't drift right as with his original responsibility--instead he will drift straight back. Once he sees Vick rolling out, he immediately heads for the "L" receiver to cover him, directly opposite of this original responsibility.

Again, you will see the differences if you run all three of these scenarios back to back. And since we're talking about QB spy, note especially the differences between scenarios 1 and 2. In number 2, a) he doesn't drift back as much, and b) starts drifting to the left when Vick rolls out to the left--not flat out runs towards him, but drifts.

Seriously, print this post, get in front of your console, and try it. The QB spy DOES work. It could be that VC has made this game so realistic that it's fooling a lot of us into thinking that it's not working because the MLB doesn't make it very obvious--which is how it should be. I'm backing up M12 on this one."
I tried this out and it seems like it does work...
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