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Talking Re: I hate to bring this up but QB Spy

it may have a slight effect that can be seen by running different tests ,

but a real qb spy is where the guy lines up middle of the field with the QB and has only one responsibility - TO CONTAIN THE QB SIDELINE TO SIDELINE

sure real nfl plays might not line up in the middle of the field at the snap and often try to disguise the QB spy for the PRESNAP part of the play but it isn't so subtle and after the snap - the "spy" is covering the QB only- lest he get in the coaches doghouse BIGTIME.

This game acts like the the defenders job is to avoid being found out as the spy , like hes a real secret agent or some $tuff lol , - that is if the spy audible does infact do ANYTHING
(i have seen small variations of player movement from play to play without calling an audible)

the only true spy play that i can do is if i pick a play where someone is blitzing and i manually control one of the blitzers and use him to spy the QB. Which isn't terrible except the rest of the defense AI isn't exactly keen to the fact that the QB likes to take off. It would be much more effective to assign the QB spy to a cpu controlled defender then be someone else and in effect you would have at least 2 guys working together to trap the Qb if he did scramble and at least one of the cpu defenders would be useful.(the cpu controlled defenders do a lousy job of keeping Contain on a Qb because they either chase down the pocket on a blitz or turn their back and cover a reciever or zone...) Not to complain too much- The A.I. is mostly great in this game and i would hate if all my guys randomly chased the QB and gave up passes all day....

So i am with tombsong on this one - it would be nice to get a patch for that and definetly should be strongly considered for next years game to get it a little better.

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