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Re: Converted, then RE-Converted

u don't have to tap super tap gives a speedy burst push..the next tap gives another..if your tapping super fast--you are cancelling out the intial burst..SOMEONE TELL ALL THE COMPLAINERS ABOUT THIS FOR ME..I TESTED N PROVED THIS!!......tap fast when u have build up enough speed after..sow rythm tapping to get up to speed....

frnachise mode isn't ruined for's fantasy football..fantsay owner.a videogame--if owens go to the chargers then what the hell!! it's my game with my controller....the chargers get a good reciever n time to see if they'll get somewhere n make u don't have the same teams doing the same thing every year.....i remember in 2k4 all the same teams made the playoffs n superbowl year after's fantsay..n on to the little example..imagine in your videogame the chargers getting ownes..boy won't you be scared!!! to have l.d n t.o. on the same offense!!...being shoved down your wouldn't happen i real life..but through the magic of t.v. n does!! I FOR ONE AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME--after feeling kinda lukewarm,then getting into the swing of things ..this game is brilliant
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