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Re: Converted, then RE-Converted

Originally Posted by Rickster101
To be totally honest guys I think we got basically what we asked for and now that we have it we're still not satisfied, sure there bugs and all that but in the grand scheme of things we did get in hinds sight what we wanted and now its here.

Both games are somewhat an improvement to last years installments and I myself am enjoying both of them so far so I really don't have a lot to complain about because I'm sure next time around as always they'll make an attempt to improve as the case is with every new release adding something new in an attempt to please everybody which in any case is a very lofty goal to achieve in itself.
Well put Rickster. I haven't played Mddn at all this year because I have the game that does everything I need it to do and then some. VC does more for me not to mention they design their game specifically for the XBox. That's first and foremost. I get the quality I'm looking for instead of hand me downs/ports. More than likely EA will never design their games specifically for the box. It's a shame though because they are missing out. Had a PS2 but got rid of it to get the Box and haven't turned back since.

However, I'm quite sure Mddn is better than last year but its not for me. I like to run the ball more than pass and ESPN does that better than any game out right now (IMO). Be it Mddn or ESPN, enjoy the games for what they give you. Don't make them into something they have not yet attained. Out!!
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