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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by cabrillo24
UPDATED 10/11/2009 Version 1

To start off, this game plays very well out of the box. With each itiration of NBA Live, less slider modificaitons are needed. A lot of that is thanks to the Dynamic DNA which is allowing players to play more like themselves.

Sim heads like myself love to play 10-12; however, in the past stats weren't very sim like. Initially when you play the game, the stats will appear sim like; however, I think its part of re-learning how to play NBA Live after their drastic changes this year. Once you adapt, stats (especially shots taken and FG% become inflated). That's expected with any game (the more you play it the easier it becomes).

One a final note:
I'm very dissapointed in the Live development team from preventing users to search for uploaded content to the EA Locker. There is a work around, you have to know the user's gamertag, find them on the leaderboards and access their profile to view their content and download it. For those who want to go that route:

As promomised, enjoy. Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated:

Xbox Live cabrillo24
Global Settings
Home Team Skill Level: All-Star
Away Team Skill Level: All-Star
Auto Substitutions: On
Game Speed: 45
Fatigue Effect: 55
Charge/Block Foul Frequency: 75
Shooting Foul Frequency: 100
Reach-in Foul Frequency: 75
In-air Collision Foul Frequency: 100

User Free Throw Shooting: 50
User Dunk/Lay-Up Strip Ability: 55
User Contact Shot Percentage: 50
User Steal Ability: 70
User Interception Ability: 100
User Shot Block Ability: 20
User Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 65
User Offensive Rebounding: 55
User Defensive Rebounding: 50
User Short Range Shooting: 22
User Medium Range Shooting: 30
User Long Range Shooting: 25
User Dunk Percentage: 50
User Lay-up Percentage: 50
User Shot Alter Ability: 100
User Hands in Post: 60
User Hands on Perimeter: 50

CPU Alley-Oop Frequency 60
CPU Dunk/Layup Strip Ability 50
CPU Contact Shot Percentage 50
CPU Steal Ability: 70
CPU Interception Ability: 65
CPU Shot Block Ability: 35
CPU Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability: 50
CPU Dunk vs Layup Frequency: 70
CPU On Ball Physical Defense: 100
CPU Offensive Rebounding: 40
CPU Defensive Rebounding: 50
CPU Fakeout Discipline: 50
CPU Short Range Shooting: 22
CPU Medium Range Shooting: 27
CPU Long Range Shooting: 35
CPU Dunk Percentage: 50
CPU Lay-up Percentage: 45
CPU Help Side Defensive Efffectiveness: 100
CPU Close Out Effectiveness: 85
CPU Shot Alter Ability: 100
CPU Pass Accuarcy: 100
CPU Hands in Post: 100
CPU Hands On Perimeter: 75

Camera View: Broadcast
Camera Height:10
Zoom Level: 3
Player Indicator: ON
Post-Basket Camera Cuts: ON
Pick and Roll Indicator: ON

My NBA Live 10 > Settings > Video Calibration
You will have to adjust the calibration on your TV. This helps out tremendously

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