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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by RAZRr1275
I'll give these a shot. 2 questions though

1. What's with the low shooting sliders?
2. How do you enter the sliders since they don't have numbers? I noticed that one button press over is more than 1 click

EDIT: also how many minutes are you using with these?
1. The low shooting sliders combined with the close out effectiveness of the CPU equate to more realistic shooting percentanges when someone is contested. Individual player ratings, combined with their DNA will balance it out a lot better; otherwise you'll have players not named Kobe Bryant hitting some tough contested jump shots on a consistant basis.

2. As for entering the sliders. By default they are all at 50. Every click to the left or right = +1 or -1. Becareful though as sometimes you may click and it'll click twice. For example. If a setting states 45, you would count 5 clicks to the left.
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