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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by citizenc78
Why not all fouls set to 100?

Average fouls around 25-30 per team, are you getting that with these sliders?
Seeing anywhere from 15 foul shot attempts, to 30 foul shot attempts (depends on the team's style of play). The reason why I don't set the Reach-In Foul Frequency is because IMO there would be too many ticky-tac fouls (more than an actual NBA game).

I think the biggest problem we are all seeing is the in-air collision foul frequency and shooting foul frequency. Even all the way maxed, we don't see enough fouls being called on those plays.

As for the charge/block foul frequency, I raised it up so teams can possibly get into the bonus more; however, too often when you're in the post and you make one small move you can be called for the offensive foul (especially with the defensive player in the paint). That's another one of my gripes that the developers have to patch, because by setting it too low, you can just back players all day without any consequences.
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