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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by catcherforbaseball
Ok, these sliders are pretty cool thus far. And by these, I mean your newest ones 10/12/09. Just two things:

1. Alley Oops occur a little too much so I put them down more by -10.

2. I rarely make threes, but I wasn't sure if it was because I was playing with the grizzlies or not? I mean shouldn't Iverson make a wide open three pointer? Maybe not, who knows. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Thanks Man!
Iverson is not really known to be a shooter. I think his FG% is around 43%...and if it weren't for all those layups and what not, he's probably have an even lower FG%. If you're wide open, consider taking a couple steps in and shooting the 2 instead. Remember, this year you have to play towards somethings strengths.
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