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Re: >>> cabrillo24's NBA Live 2010 Gameplay Sliders <<<

Originally Posted by JSKYWALKER1
Just tried your sliders without the Global Edits and the only problem was Cpu Blocks/Cpu And 1's. Lakers[me] vs Nets and they had 17 blocks I had 14. Offensive rebounds were out of control, Nets had like 15 along with about 10 Alley-oops which was pretty bad. Game was tied at 83 going into the 4th qtr. I cut it off due to the issues that I mentioned above. Other than that the game was pretty damn good!!!!

I did not use the edits because I want to use the DNA when it comes out. These sliders are the best I've tried. Good work. Peace!!!
Wow, that's a ton of blocks! Haven't came across that yet. Thanks!
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