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Re: Halo: Reach

The lone wolf/lieutenant is confirmed to be a Spartan-III, which are weaker than Spartan-IIs.


Step into the boots of a Spartan III and prepare for the first look at “Halo: Reach,” the highly anticipated prequel to the “Halo” trilogy from acclaimed developer Bungie coming fall 2010.

Speaking with GameSpot, a source who has seen Halo: Reach first-hand describes it as "Gears of War with Spartans" and "very bleak and violent."
Since it's already been confirmed to be a FPS, I'm guessing it's like Gears in only tone. Although, maybe there will be a cover system and the camera will snap into 3rd-person, I doubt it though. I hope it's truly dark and violent given it's Reach. Halo games have been pretty kiddie with the violence, and I would like to see something more along the lines of the neill blomkamp shorts.
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