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Re: Halo: Reach

Originally Posted by Miles_Yuhas
Well anyone that was educated about the situation could've realized that ODST wasn't going to be much different considering that it ran off the exact same engine as Halo 3. Call it what you will, but ODST was really an expansion, MS just wanted to get 60 bucks out of people cause they knew people would buy it cause its got 'Halo' on the box.

Reach has been in development since before Halo 3 came out, and is built on an entirely new engine. If you are not hyped for the game and think that its going to be more of the same I understand that, but this is not really comparable to the ODST situation.
Not only that, but Bungie said ODST was still going to feel very much like Halo. They did say it would be a departure in structure and mood with the nighttime sequences, story telling, and that you would be more vulnerable as an ODST than playing as the Master Chief. They were right. If you followed all the updates I was posted in the ODST thread you would've known this or if you read the reviews, so it's your own fault if you got suckered into buying another Halo expecting the gameplay to be radically different. Maybe it's best this time these people wait to see if this "fresh approach" includes the actual gameplay too.
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