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Re: Halo: Reach

Originally Posted by mgoblue
Yeah, especially given the price for ODST when originally it was a cheaper game.

It just frustrates me because I know Bungie is awesome, I feel they're caged in too much because they can't risk offending the Halo faithful (understandably so, Reach is gonna sell millions no matter what I think ).
well I doubt they care much about upsetting the Halo faithful consider Reach is the last game they're making in the Halo series. I think they're more concerned with making a sound and technologically competitive shooter with other games on the market. Halo 3 was a bit too much like Halo 2 because Bungie knew they had to make it appeal to the fan base without going too far off the path from the way Halo 2 felt. Any more Bungie doesn't care because the people that will want it to be Halo 3 can just continue to play Halo 3, and the ones looking for something different can play Halo Reach. Of course there's going to be a lot of people in both camps as well.
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