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Re: Halo: Reach

Yeah, you're right, and I would be down for a darker and more violent Halo with more ambitious gameplay designs. We still haven't got any info on the multiplayer, which I'm excited to hear about. I was thinking class-based, but now I'm not so sure, as Bungie would have to fundamentally change just about everything. I would be shocked if there isn't more progression stuff than just giving you a higher ranking though. One thing I would love to see happen is XBL Public. This is something that was going to be in Halo 3.

1UP: One of the menus we saw while we were at Bungie said XBL Public, it was described to us as a "Matchmaking for Custom Games." What is XBL Public bringing to the matchmaking space? Is there an XBL Private, as well for Halo 3 online play?

Bungie: The basic idea with our online play still begins with our party system. You can invite your buddies to the party and it's easy stay together and play whatever you want in the game. If you want to keep it private you can set the privacy so that only friends can join, or so that an invite is required in order for any player to join the party. On the other hand you might need more players to play the type of game you want to set up and that's where XBL public comes in handy. When you need more people you can just open your party to the public. It's the perfect way to create a custom game and find people to join you.

1UP: If I've created a game with my friends and don't have enough people for a good match, will there be a way for us to meet up with players that we don't know and have them join our game?

Bungie: That's the perfect example of how XBL public works. In a party with 3 friends but that game you've created really needs 8 players to be fun? Set the maximum party size to "8" and open your party to the public. Public players will be able to find you and join, so you'll get the other 5 that you need for the game.
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