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Re: Halo: Reach

A better summary of the Game Informer article:

  • "Darker tone overall" - "Things aren't as bright. But we're not going for that desaturated modern war movie vibe either."
  • Huge scale combat, new push on big battles.
  • We will also see not just the localized battles like previous Halo games, but battles that are taking place around us as well to really give you that sense that Reach is under siege.
  • New perspective. removed sweeping camera shots replaced by cinematic tone, which evokes up close and personal war journalism.
    ie, airborne, shot - a ship is filming it from above, ground shots bump and jar like being held in the hands of a runner.
  • Grittier cinematic sensibility extends to encompass wider character and plot development.
  • Rugged and harsh wilderness filled with towering mountains and weather beaten forests.
  • Not a retelling of Fall of Reach
  • "We definitely want to take a more serious approach to the franchise."
  • "We wanted to delve a little deeper into our characters themselves ... That they're not perfect - they're susceptible to damage."
  • "We're bringing some of those things back that encouraged a little more exploration, like wondering where that health pack is."
  • Set days before invasion of Reach with an advance invasion force and continues up to full blown invasion.
  • Noble team investigates trouble on Reach, rebel human Insurrectionists suspected.
  • Reach features various natural and artificial environments, ambient life and cultures.
  • Reach transforms from living planet through stages of it's death throes and ultimate fall.
  • Secret ONI hard sites, early colonist homes, gritty industrial locations, sprawling vistas featured.

Lone Wolf/Main Character
  • Impressive list of combat record accomplishments.
  • Strikes out more often than his superiors might like.
  • "Background shrouded in some pretty dark secrets"

Noble Team
  • Spartan III's, except Jorge-052 (II).
  • Keep surviving suicide missions.
  • When one members goes MIA, another is brought in.
  • Carter-259 leader, Kat-320 second in command, both original team veterans and share a bond (ie they have never been replaced in Noble Team).
  • Jorge-052 is the only Spartan II on the team. the bigger, bulkier heavy weapons specialist and has survived countless battles.
  • Emile-239, skull helmet wearing silent type, let's his actions speak for him
    Jun-266, thoughtful, taciturn sniping soldier.

  • "We're taking a meaner approach to the Covenant overall."
  • Covenant enemies now speak their own languages, in low guttural voices.
  • New enemy, Skirmishers, cunning enemies that hunt in packs, visually related to Jackals.
  • Elites are back in command of Covenant forces.

  • Health system more similar to Halo:CE than Halo 3:ODST
  • Assassinations, melee executions on unaware enemies from behind
  • Armour abilities, seeming replace equipment, each Spartan can only carry one at a time, governed by a recharging meter. Sprint and Active Camo confirmed.

  • New DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), single shot, fits between Sniper and BR, medium to long range, but still deadly at short.
  • New Needler Rifle, mid range headshot weapon, combining needler (following) mechanics with more accuracy and flexibility, three hits combine and explode.
  • Returning weapons include AR, Plasma Pistol, Sword, Needler, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle.
  • Spike and Flame grenades removed.
  • New air vehicle, the Falcon (featured in trailer)
  • Warthogs return
  • Civilian vehicles usable
  • Spirits, Covenant dropships featured in Halo:CE return.
  • Phantoms have search lights.

  • Feature parity with Halo 3, but several new features are under wraps.
  • Armor abilities play into the multiplayer.
  • Lots of customization.

Engine Tech
  • LOD/Imposter system - "allows for a dramtically expanded number of enemies, light sources, and other details."
  • 20-40 dynamic lights at any time, compared to only 3 or 4 in Halo 3.
  • New weather system
  • Increased amount of AI on screen from Halo 3, from 20 to 40 and 20 vehicles at the same time.
  • New facial animation and modelling thanks to co-operating with company Image Metrics.
  • Motion capture used throughout thanks to new motion capture facilities within the studio.
  • Skybox not a painted illusion like in many games, and the previous Halo games. In Reach their actual true spaces - ie. as a ship descends from orbit and towards the player, you can watch it come in all the way as a real object.
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