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Re: Most up to date PS3 NCAA Rosters w/'11 recruits

few Wisconsin things I noticed:
-QB Budamyr is the starter right now, as Phillips is recovering from ACL, but Phillips should be ready by fall. Ratings are fine, but Phillips should be the more athletic running quarterback while Budamyr is more of a passer. Nate Tice is at best third string, probably not 85 ovr.
-HB RS Senior Zach Brown is missing, he should be up there with White and Ball.
-HB Freshman Jeff Lewis is missing
-TE Pendersen should be Pedersen
-LG Travis Frederick is starting at LG this year.
-LG Jake Current, idk about him, and cant find any information on what his status is, but Frederick is the cemented starter.
-C Peter Konz is the starter, and one of the best lineman, could probably use a boost.
-RT Sophomore Casey Dehn is missing, he is in contention with Oglesby for the starting position.
-RE.. idk about Brendan Kelly, he didnt even play last year. The RE starting position is David Gilbert's right now, but LE Pat Muldoon is in contention for it also, Muldoon should receive a boost, and yeah I dont know about Kelly.
-LOLB Derek Watt is listed as an impact player and captain. Idk what he's done to deserve that, besides being JJ Watt's lil bro.
-MLB Chris Borland should be the starter, hes moving from ROLB.
-MLB missing RS Freshman Marcus Trotter. he should be #3 behind Borland and Armstrong. definitely a talent, has been taking #1 reps while above are recovering from injuries.
-ROLB Kevin Claxton is the starter at ROLB, he is switching with Chris Borland
-S Tyler Leonhard is missing, incoming freshman, younger brother of Jim Leonhard.
-MLB Kevin Rouse redshirted this year, or he's done playing football, idk which.

theres some things, I'll get back to you if I see anything else. Thanks for all the great work, the rosters look good.
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