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Re: ESPN 2K12 Rosters by Rickster101

First, I have simmed a few seasons and the offense is definitely in charge in this roster, so the previous poster may have a point. While the statement I made above still applies, the offense could be tempered a bit.

Now, for what you've been waiting for:


Here are some details...

I have worked on the roster:

- Exported and imported the roster into a clean file.

- Depth charts will have been redone as needed through (because of other junk I did that messed them up).

- Went back through and re-checked all the players boxes that have last name only announced and fixed. I switched some sound-alikes back to their numbers only. If you don't like it, switch it back, but I am not in favor of hearing names that aren't close.

- Redid all the coaches.

- Cleared rookie stats.

- Changed some playbooks for 3-4 defenses. More on that later.

- Messed with just few a ratings.

I am going to release and resign all the players to avoid the PR glitch, so we're looking at some time there. This will also give all players contracts that reflect their value. (Progress 13 of 32)

Because of this and a few moves that needed to be made, I'm not releasing the roster. The one out here already is fine for exhibition play.

All of this went into the franchise file. Here is what else was added to that file:

- The schedule I made is in the franchise. Remember, the teams all play the right games, but the schedule had to be altered somewhat to accommodate the different bye weeks.

- All teams set to human control.

- Salary cap raised to $90 million to keep teams from being in deficit.

- Injured Peyton Manning for 13 weeks. Who knows how long he'll be out, but as of now, he is out of play

- Simmed through 3 single seasons without any problems whatsoever. There is no freezing.


Enjoy. Ratings are almost all Rickster's. Additional player input from Fishfan (never gets his due). Anyone else help on this?

Okay, what version 2 will hold (approx. 2 weeks from today):

- The PR glitch fix should be in place by then.

- The important moves from this file will be in place. On that note, however, I don't plan to re-issue the franchise every time some dude goes down with the flu. That is for you to do on your own. I do, however, think it would be a great idea to start a thread with major injuries / drops / additions.

- Some contracts will be reworked too. I am not an expert in that area, but I want to emphasize some players.

- A few playbook changes, etc.

- YRS PRO needs to be rechecked.

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