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Re: Tiger Woods 13 Announcement + First Feature Details

Originally Posted by CoreySA
Haha. No worries man. I'm confident you'll like what you get this year. I feel like they really paid homage to the hardcore fans this year. My full impressions will be out later on and I'll be sure to put a link in the comments here as well. It will give you a more detailed look on things I saw while in Orlando and what to expect. Glad I could help!
One other quick item of interest to me... have they made many changes to the camera presentation options this year? I like TrueAim, but I'd like to have the option to cut to a finishing view camera similar to what they use in Tiger Woods Online on the PC. I also found it annoying how you would always drop to a waist high view of the putt at the moment of impact. I'd prefer to keep my perspective locked at the shoulder or head height, to better see how the putt played out.
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