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Re: Tiger Woods 13 Announcement + First Feature Details

Originally Posted by misterkrabz
hehe...don't hold your breath. The new swing mechanic will be clunky and unresponsive, just like all their other titles (e.g. Madden) yet people will still be able to shoot -30 on any given round of golf. Me personally, I'm tired of Tiger be honest I can't stand the guy. I really wish EA would move on.

I'm holding until they figure out how to make a golf game where it's a challenge to shoot par, I don't expect this to be it. May give it another look in 20 years or so then give TW another look.
Don't know how you could claim it will be clunky and unresponsive...were we watching the same video? I know a couple of the guys who went to the TW Community Day and I can assure you if what you claim were the case, they would have said something about it. I understand how you feel about EA Sports games from your comments, but nothing in that video contained a hint of what you claim....

Anyway, there is some very good discussion clarifying the new swing mechanic, ball physics and gameplay difficulty in the EA Tiger forums....

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