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Re: Up to Date Madden 12 Rosters - Based off Madden 13 Official Updates

Originally Posted by SonOfEd
I like the effect of FBG's physical ratings such as speed, agility and strength, but some of the other ratings seemed a little non-compatible to me.
I felt I had to really start juicing up the sliders to get certain parts of the game to come back to life, which then kept bumping me out of the All-Madden range.
I went back and took your base roster and have been tweeking from there and love what I am seeing. Using lower agility to give weight to the players is huge, among other adjustments. My next task is to see if I can attach custom playbooks to CPU teams through Xan's Generic editor.
Thanks again for putting these up!
Agility is the number one game changer. Lowering it seems to eliminate several key issues, such as the zig zag running effect and defensive line jailbreaks. It is key to dynamic line play as well. I'm curious how much you feel it needs to be lowered. Another stat I feel needs to be lowered significantly is QB throw power. I am loving the results I am getting by lowering it by 25. Have you done anything with that?
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