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Re: Last slider set b4 Madden 15

Updated the OP with a few minor changes. Most important is Run Blocking to 23/25 for Hum/Cpu. At 0/0, the run game was still too overpowered imo. So, I finally tried to tweak Run Blocking, and am fairly happy with it at 23/25. Most runs are anywhere from -2 yards to 5 yards with some 10 yarders mixed in and the occasional 20+. I'd say the avg yards/carry is about 4.5 for avg/decent backs and 5+ for quality backs. Subpar backs will be 3-4 yds/carry. So, it's about right. You will get outside runs, but against better OLBs (like Clay Mathews who WILL get off his block quickly and hit u for a 2 yard LOSS often), you will not find the edge as often. Against weaker OLBs, you may be able to run outside more often, but now the WRs will be less effective at blocking CBs, so you should see more limited running to the outside. Another thing that affected this was the FalseStart/Offside Penalty settings. I believe that FS 62+ is just too much and actually allows for more Pancake blocks by OL and WRs, and allows the running game to be too overpowered, so I lowered that. I am not seeing many false starts or offsides as a result (I do still see them from time to time), but I think this is where those penalties need to be to help make the running game more realistic. There is better blockshed all around at the fs/offsides ratio I have now. So, check out OP if you're using these and make the appropriate changes. At this point, for me, personally, I am actually really enjoying the game right now. I see swats, less Ints, less sacks, and more overall realistic play. QB completion % seem about right (60-70 with some 50-60% for worse QB), and indeed, worse QBs play worse with these sliders, so QB play feels a bit more organic. I Really like the WR/DB interaction I see with these. The game doesn't provide for hand fighting/jostling during a route, but when the ball is in the air, there are some nice realistic animations going on, WR highpointing (especially, if u use Ball Hawk, but I've let the cpu catch some nice catches for me as well), CBs going for more swats than INTs (and appropriate INTs still occur, so it's not ALL swats), and the Fumbles are perfect right now. I am really not seeing them that often anymore for the CPU, and I have finally started fumbling from time to time. So, anyways, overall, I don't plan on tweaking these any further for myself. As usual, everyone plays different, so I can't guarantee the same gameplay for everybody, but I really feel like every game, every play is more realistic, so I'm pretty happy with these. Hope some others get the same gameplay I do. Looking forward to Madden 15, actually, from some of the vids. I plan on slidering DAY ONE!!! And, hopefully, the game out of the box will (and SHOULD) play better than Madden 25 did, so hopefully sliders will come more quickly. We'll see.
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