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Re: Wide receiver high point

Originally Posted by OhMrHanky
Do u user control at all? I play with the falcons, and really, with default all-pro, Julio, roddy, AND Douglas high point the ball if u user control and time ball hawk correctly. In madden 13 and 25, it was necessary to crank up WR catch, though. I think I had it at 64 in madden 25 and saw high pointing. In 15, I've got WR catch at 47 and am still seeing high pointing, so I'm not totally sure as to why you're not seeing it at this point as I saw at WR catch 50, also. But, u can try raising WR catch and see.

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Some people, such as myself, would like to see the computer go up for the ball without having to user catch. I feel better when I draft a player and they play to their skill lever. With EA making you user catch to do that it doesn't feel as important because I could literally user catch with about anyone. Literally, I took a scrub on MUT yesterday at sixty something overall and went up in double coverage. I wish there was an option for people who felt the need to user catch to go ahead, but for those who want to see the computer utilize their skill to do it.
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