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Re: Wide receiver high point

Originally Posted by therealbschrec
Some people, such as myself, would like to see the computer go up for the ball without having to user catch. I feel better when I draft a player and they play to their skill lever. With EA making you user catch to do that it doesn't feel as important because I could literally user catch with about anyone. Literally, I took a scrub on MUT yesterday at sixty something overall and went up in double coverage. I wish there was an option for people who felt the need to user catch to go ahead, but for those who want to see the computer utilize their skill to do it.

Yeah, I hear what you're saying. I think this 'might' be accomished by upping WR catch, still, though. But, I'm not totally sure as I do tend to user catch more often than not. U may lose dropped catches by doing that, but really, u could try 64, then maybe even try 80 or something. I can tell u from past experience that upping WR catch didn't just make the WRs catch better, it absolutely added many more animations, including more often toe tapping and high pointing, I believe. Once again, tough to totally judge whether that was me user catching or whether my CPU WRs did it as well, but upping WR catch definitely adds more animations to the mix. And, on another slider that I was always in disagreement with others in the community, was offensive PI. I set this around 59-64 the last few years and felt it helped my WRs play more agressively. Of course, I also had high WR catch, so tough to say, exactly. Others felt opi at 0 made WRs more aggressive. So, ultimately, I'd suggest trying to mess with both of those sliders and see what u see. U could also lower int slider. This would make the DBs less aggressive possibly allowing your WRs to be more aggressive.

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