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Re: Coach Mode Sliders

Here is what I am using currently...
All Pro
Thresh: 25
12 Min 18 sec runoff
Camera: User preference-I use Zoom on O and Defensive cameras on D
Fatigue: 54
Injury: 51
Kick aim: Off

Sliders in order
QBA: User-6 CPU-9
PB: User-55 CPU-65
WRC: User-45 CPU-45
RB: User-55 CPU-45
Fumb:User-50 CPU-50
RT: User-45 CPU-45
INT: User-25 CPU-25
PCov: User-50 CPU-50
Tack: User-45 CPU-45

Penalties in order from top to bottom: 97, 87, 97, 53, 99, 99, 51, 52, 0, 53, 60
Special Teams: Field goal power and punt power at 44; Field goal accuracy and punt accuracy at 48; Kickoff Power at 55

Thoughts: The penalty sliders are critical...I am actually getting penalties called without screwing up game play. Having Intentional grounding at zero has made the sacks much better and quarterback smarter about getting the ball out.
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