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Re: Madden Roster Editor V1

Originally Posted by Steel4Reel
Does anyone know if you are able to edit rosters in Madden 12 franchise mode beyond the first season?

Seems like I am able to edit stuff as of week 1 of the first season, but anytime after that, I get an error message, and even if I bypass it, after I save the file, the file shrinks and the file is corrupted.

I just recall someone saying they were able to edit beyond just year 1. Maybe Im wrong...that or I am doing something wrong.


Dude, the editor only really works on rosters before you start anything. Once you start CFM, season, etc., it's over. You can't edit anything. I don't know jack myself, but I actually have read every single page of this entire thread over the past year and a lot of really smart dudes have addressed various some point EA changed the coding of "franchises" so that once you start, Neither Modio nor any other tool can decipher it. M12 should be before that, though. What you can edit in franchise mode is pretty limited though, regardless.
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