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Last straw, I'm done with this game.

This game was always one of those grindy, essentially no long term value for your effort, but at least had some sense of progression and improvement. Everything ****Daddy has done has indicated how much of a money grab they envision this game to be. It is not this past update but a series of steps that has continuously indicated that they don't care about the player experience, if anything they seem to tailor their responses seemingly to piss off the most people possible. If that was indeed your intention, hats off to you, you did a great job.

Update after update that continuously screw players both free and paying and a PR department that leaves me wondering who I hate seeing more: NWGameDad or Ronnie2k. They are an insult to the intelligence of everyone reading them, absolutely ignoring the most obvious problems and cherry picking questions with completely obtuse responses. Over and over, a claim that the developers listen to the players is made, but this is so obviously not the case that it is an affront to the English language that those sentences were typed in.

Not only has this last debacle confirmed my decision to quit myNBA2k, it has caused me to quit supporting NBA2k itself. I will not be buying any future games in the series unless a total overhaul of the game system is made. It's a shame because the basketball aspect of 2k is superb, it's just everything else other than the basketball that is dreadful, the mobile app included now too. I may come back if serious revisions are made to improve the actual player experience but my feelings toward this franchise have been severely muddied.

I won't ask for others to join me, as this is my decision, but I would be interested in seeing if others have similar thoughts, and would be otherwise at least boycotting the game temporarily or will not be spending money in the app that they would have otherwise. I'll finish up my star season just to laugh at the pathetic rewards I get and that will be it.

This is the last thing I'll say, many may disagree with it but I felt I needed to vent. CatDaddy, you have to realize this game isn't really all that fun to begin with. People enjoy it because they input their own values and rewards into it, not because of anything you do. If the cards didn't have the names of NBA or WWE players on them, no one would play this game. Stop trying to remove the fun from a game that honestly barely has it to begin with.
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