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Re: Last straw, I'm done with this game.

I had a little time to reflect about what specific grievences I had and I posted this in the other thread but I figure I might as well copy it over here as well:

The biggest problem with this app the entire time has always been the customer service aspect of it. Star Season (and other tiers) rewards are too good? Fine, then nerf them and explain why it was too much and caused players at the top to advance too quickly so the rewards are scaled down to even out the progression at all levels. Don't make some passive-aggressive comment about how all the players were clammering for free credits so you're doing them a favor with this change. And don't even pretend that the 400 credits are equivalent with 2 star cards. Admit that the rewards were too much and you are trying to scale them down while also infusing credits into the community to grease the AH wheels.

Everything CD does, first of all, generally sucks for the players, but then they wrap everything with a spin of patronizing the players. "Don't worry, this is better for all of you". "There's nothing wrong with the OFF stat, we've studied the distributions and it's fair". There are absolutely problems in this game. That's fine, no one expects a perfect game. But when you pretend like everything is fine and the people asking questions are idiots, that's when you cross a line. People cannot support a game created by a company they despise. I'm not even sure if the hate NWGameDad receives is fair because he's most likely forced to abide by a script the company gives him and he's just a face to company policy, barred from actually speaking his own opinion. If anything, he should be pitied for being placed in the whipping boy position by CD. So it's not a personal sort of hate directed towards him, but that which he is forced to represent, his professional persona so to speak. CD treats us like idiots with money in our pockets, I think most people would agree with that statement.

Honestly, I think this patch as it is could have been made and received decently by the player base if CD was willing to actually explain why they did what they did. Instead they lie and pretend that it's all in the players' best interests when it's so overtly clear how much of a moneygrab it is. We wouldn't have liked them but we would have accepted them. I'm more insulted by the explanations than the changes.
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