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Re: [Guide] Modding, Editing, and Porting PSP & PS2 NCAA

Porting PS3 NCAA 14 Rosters to PS2/PSP

Modifying PS3 to PS2 and PSP is pretty intensive because there are a good 50% or more attributes in the PS3/360 generation games versus the previous generation, some attributes are called different things, and the way they are adjusted is totally different. On top of that, you can't determine player names or the school they are associated with without a conversion tool. I am working on an Excel Workbook tool to help ease the pain. Once that's done, I'll post it and give instructions on how to use it.

Download and Instructions:

Re-balance PS3 roster to be closer to original NCAA 06 rosters
Accurate calculates overall ratings (+/- 1 off occasionally)
Improved Macros/Spreadsheets for ease of use

v0.60 fix capitalizations of names, new face/hair options, macro fixes (Dec 07, 2021)

v0.50 fixes Excel formulas (Sept 21, 2016)

v0.35 fixes skin tone issues!

v0.30 fixes a major porting bug in attribute ratings. Please update!

v0.25 is an even lighter, faster version of the tools. It also allows you to do minimal manual deleting and interacting.

Version 0.20 is a change that was necessitated to reduce the amount of system RAM required and to speed up the process of editing the actual data and formulas.

General Instructions:
1. Extract the unencrypted Roster save from your PS3 or XBOX 360 roster you want to port. For PS3 rosters, make sure the file ends in *.mc02

2. Open up a PS3 roster in Xanthanol's Dynasty Editor and export the Player Roster to CSV.

3. Rename this CSV file to PS3_Input.csv and Open in Excel, and then follow the README in the Conversion Tool.


Schedule Generator Tool by jet5195

Playbook Editor by jdhalfrack

Coach Editor by antdroid

Porting NCAA Football on PS2 to another NCAA Football on PS2

On many of the PS2 NCAA (and assuming Madden) titles, you can just take the BASLUSXXXXXX save file for a roster, and rename it to another NCAA version and it should port over without any issues.

For example:
You can take a NCAA Football 06 roster (BALSUS-21214XXXXX) and rename it BASLUS-21932XXXXX and add it to an NCAA Football 11 save folder and it should load up in NCAA 11!

detailed version:
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