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Re: Do you think Madden "picks" winners of games??

Originally Posted by CM Hooe
No, Madden does not predetermine who wins games.

The results of player interactions in Madden are calculated using random dice rolls weighted by player ratings. It is not technically feasible for the game can go out of its way to deliberately pick a winner given that it is built upon randomness.
There is some sort of momentum modifier in there somewhere that hasn't really been quantified yet though. Fumbles on ensuing kick offs after a big play (pick six, fumble return for TD, etc.) when you are losing are a pretty common occurrence. Maybe a relic of the old hot and cold system, but there is something there that may make people think the game is "predetermined" because of those large swings.

Also, as we found out this year, through the away team fatigue bug there is a home field advantage that we don't fully understand but is definitely noticeable at times.
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