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Re: Do you think Madden "picks" winners of games??

Again I will add that I don't think it picks a WINNER however there is a mechanic in play, legacy or otherwise (because keep in mind there is still a lot of legacy issues and there will be until they scrap everything and rewrite the code from scratch) in the game that can start a team off with all the momentum in a game. It is able to be overcome but it isn't easy which is why some people feel like the winner is determined when instead an advantage is given to one team. I don't believe it was something programed into this game purposefully which is why I think it is a legacy issue because I have seen it happen in past madden games. As someone mentioned earlier in the thread it very well could be left over code from hot and cold streaks.

As much as I would agree with the assessment of it just being terrible luck with the dice rolls, I tend to think that there is a factor more than just a random bad string of dice rolls as there are mitigating factors that effect said dice rolls. If I we had the ability to see the code it might make it easier to identify what causes it but otherwise I definitely understand the feeling.

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