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Re: Scouting Tool for Madden 17 CFM

Originally Posted by bucknut7
OMN - how accurate is this tool for players when you switch their position? For instance, there's a DE that scored a 79.4 and a do not draft in his scouted position. But he benched 36 reps, has good size, and is B+ tackle, B hit power and B- block shedding ... so I switched his position on the sheet to DT. Voila! He's now ranked as the fourth-best prospect in the entire class at 93.12.
Not to speak for him, but personally I find it VERY reliable when switching a DE that does over 30 reps on the bench to DT. I've had some come in as 68 at DE and 76 with a DT switch... Other positions are probably not quite the same, but a strong DE to DT is pretty much golden
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