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Re: Madden 17 OS Community Roster (Xbox One)

Rounds 1-3 are officially complete.

I have 153 rookies. At this point, I may do a couple more requests, but I don't want to remove an overwhelming amount of lower ranked rookies from last year in order to keep it going. I've tried to help out requests from users who've been supportive since the start, so let me know.

Otherwise, I may just call it a day on rookies. (I will adjust ratings also if there's an overwhelming request.)

I know it took me a while to get to this point, and I apologize, but for anyone who's followed my rosters over the past couple years knows I prefer quality over quantity. Everything from hometown information to equipment edits and appearance is huge to me. Ratings are 100% subjective only. Obviously to a certain degree, but there's no perfect rating system.

I officially started my own franchise tonight after this update, so from here on out I'll just be focusing on NFL transactions and depth chart adjustments only until the release of Madden 18.

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My M23 Community Roster for Xbox Series X/S:

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