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Re: Official Boston Celtics Thread

Well, Blake Griffin has officially opted out along with CP3 from the Clippers. I personally think we have to go after Griffin pretty aggressively although the injury bug with him scares the dickens out of me.

Why wouldn't you guys want DeAndre Jordan too from that same team? You can make the argument that he's been the Clippers MVP 2 out of the past 3 years. He can defend. He's very athletic. He's a dominant shot blocker & rebounder. Of course, his real weakness is FT shooting but we can overcome that by not having him in there at times to close out close games.

Amir Johnson is a better FT shooter & a little better offensive player only because he can shoot the ball a little. All the other things on offense DeAndre can do better except for FT's. I'd take that over what Amir Johnson brings in a heartbeat. Johnson averages 6-8 pts/gm compared to Jordan bringing what 12-14 pts./gm plus way more rebounds per game than Johnson & way more blocked shots with major athleticism.

Now, I'm not saying that Ainge will go after both of them. That would be basically like getting close to two max contacts before even trying to get either Hayward or PG13. Personally, I want PG13 over Hayward but I wouldn't be upset at all if we ended up going with Hayward. Rumors are that Hayward likes the Celtics more than PG13 anyhow.

We probably could get 3 out of 4 of the players mentioned above but we're going to have to give up a few players in return. We have a lot to choose from & IT probably is the only un-touchable one on the roster. I think we can pull off something big to make this team hopefully better than the Cavs because that is the team we're gonna have to go through but we can't forget about the Wizards or Raptors either. Thanks.
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