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Re: Official Boston Celtics Thread

Originally Posted by areobee401
Easier said than done. I suggest you take a look at what the roster would be if Ainge were to add two max contract players. Then come back and tell me if that team is in any better shape than the one we have now.
The more and more I think about it the more I think adding two players just takes away too much of our identity. Plus, there's the fact that I really loved last years team and am a huge Bradley and Smart homer and to a lesser extent Crowder and Rozier. Which I think at least three of those and maybe all four could be gone if we added two of the three players that are being discussed actually happen.

The only way I think it works out is if we gamble by trading for a George, then hoping he extends rather that him extending then trading for him. That way saves us around $10M but is taking a chance that he bolts for after one year. I'd really be happy with just one of the three guys and keeping the majority of our core. I'm not sure that would get us passed Cleveland next season, but if LeBron leaves (or at least as he gets older) then we should easily be in the Eastern conference driver seat going forward.

My main thing is to keep Brown, Tatum and BRK 18. That's our future. If they have to give up any of those for PG13 I would rather just sign (or do S&T) for Hayward or Griffin.
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