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WNBA in NBA 2Ks Future?

So I just read that nba live will have all wnba teams (in play now mode) .... now it's not a feature that will make me wanna buy live over 2k (I played every nba live, until 2k started makin nba games, since then I've never even played a nba live demo...the interest was gone for me)... but that's really cool that the wnba is gettin some attention, seein that I doubt there will even be a wnba live or a wnba version from 2k.

If 2k added that feature, itd be definitely use it to some extent (maybe add some wnba players to nba teams).

Now that live has done it, anyone think 2k would follow/copy this idea? (I'm not aware of any exclusivity to just live)
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