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Re: Run/Pass commit under threat

Originally Posted by JoshC1977
I wouldn't cry if they removed it (to be honest, I would probably cheer as it would free-up addition controls for different functionality). The way it is currently configured, it is really a vestigial feature from the older generations. The CPU can't use the functionality and it artifically overrides/boosts ratings (particularly the play recognition). It is sort of like a 'guess pitch' feature in a baseball game. You are already guessing the pitch by choosing whether to swing or miss; the function just adds another boost on top of how you guess (which in many cases, the CPU again does not get)....

Clint (an ex-player) has said repeatedly that there is no real-life comparison to this. I can't confirm nor deny that as I never played in real-life. But, 'selling-out' for run or pass is just as easily accomplished in Madden by your play calling skills (or lack thereof).
I wouldn't mind seeing it gone either, but it seems to me like the CPU does use it now. Post patch I've had several runs where my line has just pancaked the whole CPU line right into the ground. I thought it was a bug at first until I saw the Twitter discussion about R/P commit. The CPU has to be using it on occasion, IMO.
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