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Originally Posted by Armor and Sword
Set up my master CFM file for 2002.

This may be your best roster to date Percussion.

This season is when my fantasy football craziness was at itís peak.

Once we got to 2010 and beyond my love for the NFL faded really fast.

This was a great year. So many interesting teams here. I remember Ahman Green and how dynamic he was.

So many great RBís in this set:

Jamal Lewis
Shaun Alexander
Ahman Green
Priest Holmes
Ricky Williams
Corey Dillion
Warrick Dunn
Travis Henry
Curtis Martin
The Edge

To name a few...

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I understand what you mean about losing enthusiasm for the modern NFL. I still watch football a lot, but I often find myself watching older games as I just think the game was better in the 90s and earlier.

2002 was an interesting season for me. I was in the Army at the time and stationed in Georgia so I rarely go to watch my Browns, and of course that is the ONLY year they made the playoffs since 1999. I did get to watch the Atlanta game that got the Browns into the playoffs though, and of course the horrible Steelers game in the playoffs.

You are right, lots of good runningbacks then. Manning, solidly in his career was becoming a legend throwing to Marvin Harrison who had 143 receptions that year! That is a record.

It is funny, when I started this roster a long time back, I was excited to do it, but then lost it and moved to other things. Once I decided to go back to it, I have really enjoyed it and I think it plays very nicely.
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