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Re: 2002 Roster

Originally Posted by Iteachpercussion
I know it is late in the cycle and Madden 19 is less than 2 months away, but... I am almost finished with a 2002 season roster for the PS4. This is a season I have been asked to do several times and finally had the time to put it together.

I have not posted the roster to MaddenShare yet, but the teams are all complete. I am working on the Free agents right now. I did not say anything about the roster or post it in parts because I wanted to make sure I was going to get it finished.

Some info about the roster: If you are familiar with my previous rosters, this is more of the same. Equipment is correct, ratings are based on stats, knowledge, gameplay, and simmed stats. So, QBs are lower rated than default Madden, but trust me they play appropriately. The sims stats will be outstanding. If you want more info on my ratings, feel free to ask and I will explain the best I can.

Note: Though some players are still in the league from 2002, such as Tom Brady, I decided to NOT use there already existing version in the game. This might turn some away, but I made the decision that since everyone else used a "stand-in" I wanted the whole roster to work that way. This also allowed me to get their age and experience more accurate for those playing in CFM.

I hope to be able to post the roster either late tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday. I need to write a couple chapters for Master's Thesis today and tomorrow and with tomorrow being Father's Day I have family events part of the day.

This is pretty freaking awesome. I'm give this a download this evening. I love the historical rosters and being able to replay with some of my favorite players.
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