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Re: Best Way To Get 4* Fighter?

I got the red elite cormier hook from the 226 pack. It's an +8 power. So I guess now they're dropping elite moves as well as perks? But what randomly? I wonder if you can get them from the normal premium packs or if elite perks/moves will only be available on UFC PPV packs or some other special pack.

I'd def like to see more elite moves out there to grab in packs. But typical UT fashion, we get zero explanation on anything. We've seen "elite" and "master" as a choice in the move search engine as categories from the beginning and we're just finally now getting the elite moves (though how they will be distributed is still a mystery). When will the purple "master" level perks and moves come out then?

UT really sucks. They never explain what they're doing. They just do random crap.
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