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Arrow Re: NCAA 13: (Xbox360 & PS3) 2018-2019 Roster Conversion/update

Originally Posted by muhtacinm
PS3 still a no go for me. Freezes up and doesnt go beyond the loading screen. Was the correct file posted for 9-21? Thanks for the hard work!
Thanks for all the feedback testing. And Sorry none of the past fixes worked for you. I've tried one last time.
Possible PS3 Save file Dynasty/freeze issue fixes
This time I took the 2017 Bobs based save file and extracted the Players, Coaches, and Teams data files. Then I just imported New 2018 coaches names and ages into the new coach file; and in the Teams file, I just imported impact players, offensive and defensive playbooks, offensive and defensive team captains, team rankings and qb,rb,cb,lb tendencies, but forgot a few other tendencies (eg. defense, offense, dl, ol) were kept like the old 2017 game so may not be a perfect 2018 port like my previous files.--I will fix port these forgotten tendencies on a later update if this all works better.
I have 2 files:
--The 1st file is Bob's original 2017 save file (with 2018 data) without the new depth chart fixes.
--The 2nd file is WWEDX2007 save file with depth chart fixes.
(so try both PS3 save files and let me know which works). Sometimes the actual save file housing the data becomes corrupt even though the Players, teams, and coaches data files are ok.

If one of these files works best for everything, then I will make a newer Xbox360 port of the same file. Thanks for testing! (Xbox360 Files version of this will come with next roster update.)
**Both files were tested working. So stick with the WWE DX depthchart fix to save yourself time.

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