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re: Schnaidt1's 2K19 Myleague and Gameplay Sliders

Originally Posted by Detroit Red
I literally have the exact same story, lurked for years then created my account around the same time you did.

On topic, I've just started using the sliders and I can't wait to get further into the season and see how it all plays out. It's a shame we can't expect a realistic experience from the mode out of the box so this makes all the difference. All that hard work is much appreciated!
My boy @Schnaidt1 is a beast with this slider stuff so you're in good hands, he thinks of stuff that most people would never think of lol...for real! He'll forever be remembered by me for his running back rotations work arounds on Madden and his 2k substitution rotations, dude is a genius!

SIM is a MINDSET...Don't cheat the game and you'll get better results ~Koosa10:27~

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