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Re: The Official Bellator Thread

Originally Posted by WarMMA
Yh Fitch was just "boring" cuz Daley wanted to strike in that fight. But now in this fight he doesn't want anything to do with MVP on the feet, so now he wants to grapple lol. I saw it coming though cuz i've seen Daley try to grapple other guys.
Remember when Koscheck said he was gonna strike with Daley, then wrestled him the whole fight? Daley literally punched Koscheck after the bell cause he was so mad about the wrestling. But it’s totally fine if he’s the one doing it to someone else, like he did tonight against MVP.

Shows it was never about the wrestling - he just can’t take an L and declares anything he loses to as “boring”.

Look at the final 2 minutes of his Fitch fight, just booing him and yelling “bellator this guys a disgrace!” Dude’s a complete ***. I’d be happy to see him cut for good. Not like he’ll ever hold a title anyways.

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